In order to continue offering a premier bridal gown shopping experience, our boutique operates by appointment only. Appointments may be requested for any day of the week on the even hours. 

All appointments require 24 hours advanced notice. Appointments canceled within 24 hours, are subject to cancelation fees.

Appointments may be requested by calling 614-707-2284 or emailing or All appointments will be confirmed with an email and/or phone call as soon as possible. 


The Attelé appointment experience 







From the moment you arrive at our boutique, to the moment we celebrate your "Yes!" moment, your experience is our priority.

When you first arrive at our boutique, you and your "yes to the dress" crew will be greeted by owners, Catherine and Samantha, who will be working with you only throughout your entire appointment. Each and every one of our bridal appointments are free, private, and informative. 

Once settled in our showroom, Cathy and Sam will ask you a several questions; the first couple are pretty boring--spelling of first name, phone number, etc.--then the fun starts: Talking about your wedding! We want to know all the things!

Where you are getting married; your wedding colors; your wedding vibe. Any pictures, magazine clippings, or Pinterest boards you have help us find your perfect dress.




Based on the information you share with us about your wedding, we will select bridal gowns from our specially curated collection for you to try on. We will measure you to see which sample sizes will feel the most comfortable for you, and help you in to each gown.

Our job is to make you feel your most comfortable and beautiful throughout your entire appointment, and to continue to make you feel that way to your wedding day.

Once we find your "YES!" dress--the dress that makes you feel confident and empowered--it is time to celebrate! It is our greatest joy to dress you for your wedding day, and we are thrilled to celebrate your special moment with you.