Frequently Asked questions

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At Attelé Bridal, our goal is always to make your dream dress a reality, and to help you find a wedding dress that is anything but ordinary; however, we also understand that the process of finding your dream dress can be overwhelming and daunting, (as well as extremely exciting!).

Many brides-to-be have a list of questions they feel are inappropriate to ask, and instead ask very little, and later wish they had become more informed. We are here to tell you, and encourage you, that you can and should ask your bridal stylist anything! 

In our experience, there are some questions that almost always come up--especially  when deciding which salons to visit in your search for your "Yes!" moment. Below are the answers to some of the most common questions; however, we know you may have additional questions that are not answered on this page: Please reach out! We want you to be informed and empowered, and are here to educate you. 

1. Are appointments required? 

The short answer: Yes. The long answer, in order to provide the best and most personalized bridal gown shopping experience, we ask all brides-to-be have an appointment to try on bridal gowns. We also ask that all appointments are requested at least 24 hours in advance. Appointments can be requested by calling 614-707-2284 or emailing

Of course, brides-to-be and their yes-to-the-dress crew are always more than welcome to call and see if appointments are available the same day. We strive to provide the premier bridal gown shopping experience and will do all we can to provide you with the same exceptional service. 


2. What appointments does Attelé offer? 

At Attelé we offer 5 different types of appointments.

The first is a first bridal gown appointment; this appointment will last 2 hours. This appointment is for the bride who has not visited Attelé Bridal, and would like to try on bridal gowns. 

The second type of appointment Attelé offers is a second bridal gown appointment; this appointment will last 1 hour and 30 minutes. This appointment is for the bride who has already visited Attelé but needed to sleep on her purchase, bring her family and friends in for the "Yes!" moment, or the bride who needed to narrow down her selection before finalizing her dream gown and accessories. 

The third type of appointment Attelé offers is a veil and accessories appointment; this appointment will last 1 hour. This appointment is for the bride who has already purchased her bridal gown, and is looking for the perfect accessories. Unlike some other salons, Attelé does allows gowns purchased from other boutiques or vintage gowns to be brought in for this appointment. Release of liability may apply to gowns not purchased of Attelé.

The fourth type of appointment Attelé offers is a pick up appointment; this appointment will last 1 hour. This appointment is for the bride whose bridal gown has come in (woohoo!!). Brides should come prepared to try on and inspect their bridal gowns. It is important to plan on being at this appointment for the entire hour. 

The last type of appointment Attelé offers is a browsing appointment; this appointment will last 30 minutes. This appointment is perfect for the bride who is not ready to try on bridal gowns but would like to get to know the women at Attelé and their gowns. 


3. How much are your bridal gowns, and what designers do you carry? 

Our bridal gown pricing begins at $1,150. Included with every bridal gown purchase is a two hour private bridal gown appointment, a luxury bridal gown hanger for your dream dress, a garment bag for your gown, a pick up and try on appointment, and a bridal gown steaming. 

Currently, we carry lines by Rosa Clara Couture, Suzanne Neville, Riki Dalal, LIRI, Studio Levana as well as a range of new and vintage accessories and veils. 

In addition to our custom order gowns, we offer a selection of couture bridal gowns at a reduced, sample sale price. The price of these gowns are reduced 30-70%. All sample sale gowns are sold as is. Gowns purchased off the sales floor also include a luxury hanger, garment bag, and steaming.

4. How many people should I bring to my appointment? 

We always recommend our brides only bring the key people they cannot make this decision without; that may mean something different for each bride-to-be. It is okay to shop alone, with one family member or friend, or a handful. You want to bring loved ones with you who will be honest, but more importantly, will be supportive.

Additionally, it is important to note, that at Attelé we have limited seating available. If you would choose to bring more than 6 guests, some may have to stand. 


5. What size sample gowns do you have to try on?

If you have tried on bridal gowns before, you may know they typically run small. Real small. That being said, we carry sample sizes that fit size 0 to size 28 women; additionally, we also stock bridal gown clips to help show what too large of gowns will look like, and panels to show what too small of gowns will look like. 

6. I have religious beliefs/church requirements I need to respect; do you carry modest gowns? 


Absolutely! We are veterans at helping brides find their dream gown while also meeting all religious requirements. We have helped many Amish, Mennonite, Muslim, Greek Orthodox and Catholic brides find and/or create their dream bridal gown. We pride ourselves on being respectful of all beliefs, and intentionally carry a variety head wraps, jackets, and long sleeve gowns to accommodate for all beliefs and requests. 

7. HELP! My wedding is in a few months; can I still get a dress?

In short, yes! We will always do all that we can to help you find your dream bridal gown! We have sold gowns off of the floor and from our stock before; however, you should be prepared to pay a rush fee if your wedding is less than 6 months out. If we do not a bridal gown in your size, you may have to pay a rush fee to get your gown in time. Additionally, bridal gowns almost always require alterations, and some seamstresses may require a rush fee. 


While we do not offer alterations appointments at our boutique, we do have many great referrals for seamstresses. We are able to provide you with alterations recommendations, help you design your bustle, and guide you on the work you will need done. We will go over a number of these recommendations when we decide on sizing for your bridal gown together. We want you to be as informed as possible, and are here to guide you from saying "Yes!" to saying "I do!"

9. Where are you located? 

We are located at 3219 Tremont Road, Upper Arlington, Ohio 43221.

Parking is a little tricky and in the rear of the building. Once you park, we are the unit to far right. It feels like you have gone too far, but you haven't. We promise we are just around the corner.